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      "By St. Nicholas!" said the smith, as he stooped to remove the pressure, while the tears started to his eyes, "this is too bad. 'Tis enough to make a heathen sick to see a christian man served in this manner. Here, father John, (assisting him to rise) take my jerkin, and wrap this about you (snatching a cloak from the shoulders of one of the men). And now, good father, tell me who did this?"

      "It is thou, foul spirit!" cried Sudbury, descending a step from the altar"it is thou who hast stimulated the thirst for blood, and hast brought the royal prerogative and holy church into contemptaway! ere, with my own hands, I drive thee hence!"

      It had happened before occasionally that he had given her a holiday on Saturday morning from the half-days work, and he seized at this, as she handed him the last of the batch to be signed."My lord judge, I demand, in the name of holy church, and in the name of the gracious king Edward, that you deliver up this woman, Edith Holgrave, to me. A writ from the chancery, signed by the royal hand, commanding her delivery to the ecclesiastical power, has been sent down, and how is it that thus, in opposition to the church's prerogative, and the royal will, I see the woman standing a criminal at this bar?"

      But poor parsons going to be lonely again, isnt he? he went on. Didnt ickle bird tell him that Helper was going to spread wings and fly away to Brighton for a fortnight? He mustnt be selfish, mustnt poor parson, but only be glad to think of Helper sitting in the sun, and drinking in life and health again.

      "How did it go off? Have you settled with Apps?""What detained you, sirrah?" asked the other sharply.


      "The rebels are betrayed, and you are condemned; but, if you will hearken to my request, this hour shall free you from prison:Will you, will you tell me of my lost child?"


      I trust you will attempt to do no such thing, sir, said Charles.For a minute she sat thus, and then slowly removing her hands, and raising up her pale and tearful face, said tremulously, and in so low a tone as to be scarcely audible, "My child then does live?"