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      The woman came from behind the curtain.

      After all, it was very easy to say, Marry Miss Chetwynde; but was it so easy to accomplish? Would she marry him? He was a man of the world, and he knew that there were very few women who would refuse an offer of his hand, though it contained a coronet with the jewels missing; but perhaps this girl from the wilds was one of those few?

      She scarcely gave a thought to Norman Druce, for Trafford and Lady Ada were the central figures in her mind, and no one else counted.There not many minutes later you might have seen the four men amicably gathered and vying in clever speeches to pretty Mrs. Callender and her yet fairer though less scintillant step-daughter Anna.


      I cant dance, she said in her calm, serene way; I wish I could; it looks sonice. No, I cant dance, but I am going to learn.Esmeralda thought of The Rosebuds eulogies, and said, absently:


      There is only one thing to do, said Esmeralda. We must ride for the claim. We must get there before Varley. We must! we must!