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      Her tears welled up afresh."That's nonsense, Alice." He spoke more gently, for he had come to the conclusion that sorrow and loneliness had affected her wits.

      He raised her hand slowly to his lips.

      "You can grow corn without uswe're wanted out there."

      The only disappointment was Rose's reception of his offer. At first she was unaffectedly surprised. She had looked upon the whole affair as a flirtation, of which she had had several, and had never expected it to take such a serious turn.In the morning he went to his task at the usual hour, not however without again cautioning Margaret respecting the child. Soon after his departure Lucy Hartwell entered, to talk over the strange news she had just heard, and to offer her services to Margaret.

      For a minute she sat thus, and then slowly removing her hands, and raising up her pale and tearful face, said tremulously, and in so low a tone as to be scarcely audible, "My child then does live?""I reckon we haven't much choice," she said sorrowfully.


      At length one of the keepers was seized, who conducted Tyler and Holgrave to his cell.An hour had not elapsed since Holgrave retired to bed, before the cottage door was burst open, and Calverley with a strong body of retainers entered, and arrested him for the felony.


      "M?aster" continued the man after a pause.


      When in this Coat of Proof enveloped tight?